All your needs and problems related  document composition and document management can be considered solved using FORM solution.

FORM is a Suite for on-line and batch document composition. Fillable Forms with advanced controls on the values filled by the users are automatically generated by Ambiente Autore and can be deployed on Websites and Web Applications. Connectors as webservices are available to manage input of data in the documents. Standard XML ensures data input by applications of information system. Metadata are returned to the system through xml files.Metadata are returned to the system through xml files. FORM Templates management is cost effective an reduce the time to market

Facilities and connectors are available in order to semplify the integration with Paperless process and digital signature application.

jFORM  can be integrated throught connector and facilities with different tipologies of digital and graphometric signature.

AF Document Manager

Document Manager

The Documents system management allows to classify all the components of templates to manage wrokflow status and the delivery to the jFORM environments.

AF Document Manager

Editoring Template

Express Red is the editor to designing any kind of templates by using advanzed features of static, dynamic and recoursive autocomposition. Usability guaranteed through an easy visual user interface as the most common editor.

AF Document Manager

Document Composition

jFORM is the most powerful web and batch engine of document composition.

Full scalability is guaranteed with the systems in order to have the best performances for the production of million of documents.

Multi-output document format can be generate using the same template : PDF – PDF/A 1b – JSP – TXT – RTF – POSTSCRIPT – XML.

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