StudioFORM Professional Services

StudioFORM supports small and big organization through high value professional services.Services can be made on site directly to the customer department o by remote.

Customers are supported 24 hours per day 365 days per year.

Designer, Stylist and Technical services has the goal to support the customer in all the activities concerning the document composition and document management in order to ensure the succes of the business processes.

Designer  – Unità produttive

Designer professional services guarantee to the customer a daily support to create update and modify the templates of the documents.Designer is the skill specialized in use of Ambiente Autore and Express plus and in the templates management.

Stylist – Unità produttive

Stylist is a skill with a great experience in the document process management. Stylist services supports the customer through the different steps of a project:feasibility study, analysis, test cases definitions and support to the user application test.

Product Specialist – Production Unit

Product Specialist and Development Team ensure all the customer needs of integration with the information system and applications. Main services offered by our technical support:

– Server Dimensioning and performances analysis

– Installation and configuration

– System Integration

– Application integration- Process Monitoring

– Developments


User Knowledge of FORM application can be improved through the Training program of StudioFORM with three different courses: Standard, Intermediate and Professional. Personalized training course can be set basing on the results of a competence check list filled by the users.

Periodic trainings are offer by StudioFORM to update the users to the new features deployed.

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